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Meridian boot camp

Meridian boot camp

A very unique and different group class

A woman holding plank on the beach during sunset

We have separated ourselves from the pack by developing a strong and inviting community of like-minded people who want one thing: to be the best version of themselves.

Boot Camp was developed with our patients in mind. To develop a 90 day program to help patients live the essentials that we teach. Boot Camp isn’t over after the last set is finished or when it’s time to stretch, New Body Boot Camp is a lifestyle.

There will be multiple days throughout the year that we will give your bodies a break to work on our mindset.

We will have workshops on Meal Prepping, Nutrition, Detoxification, Inflammation, and many more!

We obviously take pride in our facility and have the resources to do many diverse workouts, but in the Spring/Summer/Fall sessions we will be holding numerous workout “field trips”.

As a group we will be going to the Manitou Incline, Red Rocks, local parks, and registering for 5K Mud Runs as a group.

A man doing mountain climbers in an industrial looking gym
Two men running in the light of dusk

What to expect

Workouts are 3 days a week Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 pm and Saturdays 8:00 am

All workouts class last an hour unless a special class was organized.

High intensity low weight exercises. (Body weight mainly)

Class heart monitors are used and heart rates are projected on a screen to monitor throughout your workout.

Health talks will be scheduled on workout day to help further your overall health goals.

Cost is $175.00 for 90 days. Classes start every quarter.